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"The Maze Runner" - New Poster 


"The Maze Runner" - New Poster 


Who’s the benefactor (theories)?

  1. One of the surviving Argents? (lost so much to the supernatural)
  2. Morrell? (still a very dark character)
  3. Scotts dad? (just don’t really trust him)
  4. Danny (bring back Danny)
  5. Mr. Harris (even though I think he’s dead but they never found his body)
  6. ????????

Malia en stiles <3

Those two are so cute! 

Cutiepies :)

Love them together. 

Throwback gameboy day?

Playing pokemon again. It’s been at least 14 years since I’ve played it. 

Trying to catch them all!! POKEMON


So I took a couple of print screens

So I watched the mtv movie awards and pressed some keys and voila pics from the teen wolf cast. Plus I love seeing how things are done behind the scenes.

Puppy cam love to all the puppies. My fav puppy that I saw was the superman puppy. What a cutie pie and if you look in the background you’ll see another cutie pie ==> Tyler Posey

Here he is with my favourite puppy

Tyler posey with kick me sign, his fiance (so cute) and Dylan who just arrived.

red carpet fotoschoot:

1. Dylan looking handsome thanks stylist

2. Jill Wagner killing it 

3. Beautiful Arden 

Teen wolf actors getting out of cars


Holland and Max (no Charlie?)

Tyler Hoechlin

Somewhere on the carpet?

Backstage and green room

Eminem and Rihanna Performancing (hell yeah)

Breaktime = social butterfly time

Tyler Posey mtv Photobomber 

OOOOOOH look at the puppy and Dylan 

That’s are the pics I took by pressing some buttons. Thank you MTV for such a fun event and for the free backstage views (loved those) I got to see. I was like a kid in a candy store or a Tyler who got to be a award show rebel.

Teen wolf moment

Teen wolf moment

S3ep16 Lots of ???? (SPOILER ALERT)

* Creepy guys walk in creepy synchronisation!! (they should do synchronised swimming)
* Poor “puppy” Isaac 
* How/when did mr. Argent get that mask
* intro!!! (intro on steroïds?)
* The douche dad interview scene —> luv it
* Why didn’t I have a teacher like coach
* Mystery key —> nothing good can come from mystery keys 
* scira/kiott scene —> this girl is on fire (in pics with flash) 
* No Derek don’t kill …… oh it’s candy. 
* Party time (derek will not be happy if he knew!!)
* ooh douche dad cares
* Stiles is badass —> what is douche dad’s secret?
* couples overload (scira, allisaac,dethan,…)
* answer the question, Stiles —> Do you also like boys? 
* The number 5 what does it mean? (5 death eater look-a-likes?, 5 supernatural beïngs with the number 5 behind their ear?)
* Scream Lydia scream… damn you creepy death eater look-a-likes
* Derek you party crasher you!
* Mr. argent is hurt. NOOOOOO Help him!
* Stiles is the accomplice ? He wrote the message. What is happening to him?

The most humorous table-tennis match ever

If sports were always this way I would watch it constantly. Yay JM Saive.
Another example that belgians don’t take themselves to seriously.

I am?

I am one of millions, who walks on this earth, Who cries a river whenever I get hurt

I am one of millions, who hides behind a mask so nobody can see whenever I am sad

 I am one of millions, who is insecure but hides it in the shadows so nobody would know

I am one of millions, who wants to be free and get the chance to just be me

I am one of millions, who makes a mistake and always looks for the emergency brake

I am one of millions who really loves their friends They are always there whenever I need a hand.

I am?


15 day challenge ?

Ok my 15 days challenge became more of a 15 days in a year challenge. School kept me busy (every 3 weeks major exams, they are trying to kill me) and I went on vacation to the UK for 21 days and so this kinda slipped my mind. BUT I WILL FINISH MY CHALLENGE.

so here is my fav. Pic of stiles (there are so many) —> epic moment, fav. derek pic, fav lydia and fav. jackson pic


Lets make some predictions

  • I’m gonna cry
  • shake my head in disbelieve
  • Feeling more feels than i can probably handle
  • Stilinski family feels! Ooooooooh
  • What is happening? Oh the episode has ended 
  • wondering why a week takes 7 days instead of 7 hours
  • Damn you Jeff Davis. Brilliant
  • watch new trailer —> this might hurt —> it has been hurting since the beginning, i need some painrelief 


all aboard the feels train

God the feels just keep on coming! It like a train that does not stop without crashing. Someone should keep the paramedics in stand-by mode.